Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cebiche de pescado

Growing up in the coast part of Peru, fish and seafood have always been a huge part of my life. In the summers we traveled up north to Puerto Chicama, a port and fisherman town where my dad is from. Now it's famous because it has the longest surfing wave, but you will find a great cebiche there too. When I was pregnant with my first child, this was the dish I craved, and I could have eaten it every day! It is fascinating to me that the acid in the limes cooks the fish! 

Traditionally cebiche is served with, potatoes, yucca, white rice, choclo (giant peruvian corn) and "cancha" (corn nuts) but since this is a detox recipe we went with sweet potatoes. Brown rice would also be a great side. The secret to this, and most recipes, is the fresh and organic ingredients, and my mom telling you exactly what to do. 


1 lb of fresh wild halibut (serves 4-6 people)
Juice of 3 limes
Juice of 2 key limes
4 medium garlic cloves
S&P al gusto
1/2 medium red onion (paper thin julienne strips)
Cilantro al gusto (chopped)
1 habanero or serrano peppers
Boiled sweet potaotes

Paso a paso

1) Cut the Halibut into small 1/2 inch pieces. Cut along the natural fish lines.

 2) Squeeze the lime juice and garlic right on top of the fish. Add salt and pepper and mix around.

 3) Wait for 10 minutes, then mix it around one more time so that the uncooked parts get cooked by the lime juice.

4) After 20 minutes the fish should look white all around.

5) Add the onions, cilantro and chiles (habanero if you like a lot of spice). Mix in to the fish.

6) Serve with a side of sweet potatoes and eat right away!


  1. I have made this moose for like thousands time and can't tell you it tastes amazing. Thank you for the share for many chocolate lovers, Great work

    1. I know you meant to write the comment on the Chocolate Mousse, not the fish recipe. So glad you're enjoying it! I started buying so many more garbanzo beans because I wanted desert =)

  2. Now this is really a healthy meal, I am very much diet concious and it looks really good and delicious. Thank you for sharing the recipe with us, definitely going to try it out

    1. It's my mom's recipe, and I finally got a chance to make it with her.