Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I went to a event this past weekend, and the restaurant (La Poubelle, which oddly means trashcan but there's nothing trashy about it) had this cute little bowls in the middle of the table with some green/brown stuff in it. The menu said they were brussel sprout chips. I was not immediately excited since this is not my favorite vegetable, but these were AMAZING. Crunchy and salty deliciousness, but fried. So I came home and made a baked batch. Crunchy and not too salty, and since they are chips, my kids ate them too! If I could bag them and sell them at store near you, I'd call them Brusselitos.


As many brussel sprouts as you'd like
A tiny bit of olive oil
Sal al gusto
Pepper if you'd like or cayenne powder for spicy brusselitos.

Paso a paso

1) Cut ends of brussel sprouts and de-leaf them into a bowl. You might have to cut the end off a couple of times to get to the center. This takes time but it's so worth it. (And at least they are not pokey like artichokes)

2) When you get to the tiny center you can just cut it in half and add it to the batch.

3) Add a little olive oil to the bowl and mix it around. Try to get a little on each leaf.

4) Place parchment paper on baking sheet and spread brusselitos around.

5) I baked them for 6 minutes at 375. Every oven is different so check on them often. They should have brown ends when they are done. Sprinkle a little salt and enjoy as a snack or side dish.

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