Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Not Your Mama's Chicken & Broccoli

The first meal my husband cooked for me was grilled chicken and steamed broccoli.  I was still trying to make a good impression back then, so I didn't tell him I wasn't a fan of eating little trees. Love makes you do crazy things sometimes, so I took a bite, and I've eaten it ever since.

When you think of being on a diet, chicken and broccoli would definitely be one of the dishes on your menu. Such a simple and delicious meal, but it can get old quickly, especially if all you eat is salads and chicken with a vegetable next to it.

This however, is not a diet, but a detox and beyond. So I, of course, had to spice it up somehow. For this recipe you're gonna have to make another run to your local latino foods market and get a jar of Ají Panca paste. It's basically your Peruvian chipotle: smoky flavor, and not too spicy.  I promise it's worth the trip. To quote my husband: "Why have you been hiding this recipe all these (7) years?!" 

Ingredientes (serves 4) :

4 pechugas de pollo
2 Tbsp of Ají Panca paste
1 Tbsp of garlic powder (fresh garlic is even better)
S&P al gusto
2 Tbsp of olive oil
1 hot pan
A lot of steamed broccoli, because it's good for you and you might just love it.

Paso a paso :

1) In a bowl mix the ají panca, the garlic, the salt and the pepper.

2) Butterfly the chicken breast. This makes for faster cooking and flavor all over.

 3) Place butterflied chicken breasts in marinade and let it rest for about 15 mins.

 4) Heat up olive oil.  Once the pan is hot, add the chicken breast and cook for 2 to 3 minutes on each side.

5) Serve with steamed broccoli, or another green vegetable (because that's the rule!)

6) You can also add a small serving of brown rice. We decided to make some Arroz sin Leche and had the rice for dessert.

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