Monday, April 20, 2015

Huevos De La Finca

This is the peruvian twist of huevos rancheros. Rancho and finca have basically the same meaning, they are just from different Spanish dialects. My grandpa used to say "¡Pa' la finca!" when we had left overs from a restaurant. So, that's where the title comes from. 

The awesome thing about this dish is that you can have any time of the day! You can put it together very quickly and it so hearty that will keep you very full for more than a few hours.

The traditional huevos rancheros, has tortillas at the bottom of the eggs, and refried beans along with salsa. This one is just a little different. I used quinoa and pretended it was the tortillas. I also used organic black beans, for protein with less fat than refried beans. And I was going to make fresh salsa, but didn't have any tomatoes or limes, so........

Ingredientes para dos personas (and maybe a little left over for lunch the next day) 

1/2 cup of cooked quinoa
1 lb of ground turkey
2 Tbsp of Aji Panca (or chipotle)
2 tsp of garlic powder
S&P al gusto
1 can black beans
1/4 tsp of powdered cumin
4 eggs
1/2 an avocado
A million ways dressing
Olive oil

Paso a paso:

1) In a large frying pan, start cooking the turkey with some olive oil. Season with S&P and 1 tsp of garlic powder. 

2) Add the ají panca and cook thoroughly. 

3) In the meantime, heat up the beans and season with the other teaspoon of garlic powder and cumin.

4) On a plate, shape the quinoa like two tortillas. 

5) In a frying pan, cook two eggs to your liking and place them on top of the quinoa patties. My husband does not like the runny yolk, so these are over easy.

6) Add the beans, the turkey and garnish with avocado and arugula on the side.  Drizzle dressing over the arugula "salad" and avocado. Voilà! 

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